O nás


Interiour designers

Our main dedication is shaping interiors, we prefer natural authentic materials and pleasant fabrics as well as colors. Everything depends on what sort of living you desire, and our goal is to find the best solution for you personally, since it is your home we will be creating together. We will find and choose for you the best pieces and accesories. We aim for them to harmonize and thus create a unique interior without copying the pictures seen in every magazine. We will find you a solution and suitable suppliers, and supervise the whole process, so that you would not have to worry about all the issues that come with it. To accomodate the interior – pick materials, floors, facings, curtains ans so much more – is not as simple as it would seem. It requires a lot of time, attention and information. Moreover, in the building process a lot of questions, problems and possibilities emerge. We will make all this easier for you and thus your joy from creating a new living will grow ever bigger. 

A picture is more than a thousand words. Click on Project 2 and see for yourself how northern design in combination with the right choice of materials, shapes and colors can make a lovely interior. Should you come to like this style of living, message us or call us. We may present our job „live“ to you in this exact chalet, which currently serves as our showroom. This chalet is modern northern design both from the inside and outside and its style is unified, so nothing will disturb you. You will not find any cold and sharp metal elements there. As you enter the chalet, soft and natural materials along with the smell of wood will surround you. Then you will be able to see for yourself how comfortable it is to sit amidst all that both inside and outside on the porch, and just how harmonizing living can be. 

Location also plays an important part in that. Our example chalet is built on the outskirts of a village on a hill, neighboring a forest. If  healthy living – authentic materials, peace and quiet and a beautiful forest view – is important to you, this location is precisely what you are looking for. Yet this sort of chalet could just as well be situated on a plane in a calm part of a city. That would only make the building process easier, and in case of interest we can provide you with the whole construction of the chalet. 

We cannot imagine putting something into your interior just because it is trendy at the moment, or just because we like it. We will find the right goods for you and make your dreams come to life. Each of us is different, and so each new interior is original, and tailored precisely for your, needs, wishes, address, lifestyle and possibilities. We prefer the Northern style of living, since it provides lots of nice authentic materials and shapes, it is longlasting, convenient, original and timeless. In this style we can create a home in which you will feel comfortable. You will have a cosy space to live in where you will feel, to put it simply, great.

O nás


as a brand

Under the brand LASA HOME DESIGN we mainly deliver Scandinavia-inspired interiors in chalets. They can serve as a weekend refuge or a stable home, pensions, mountain hotels and spaces for your business and showrooms alike. We cooperate with renowned and credible suppliers. We pick goods from a wide spectrum of producers, national, but mainly foreign ones. Thus the interiors we create are a combination of products of various brands, well-known and less known, expensive and cheap – but always matching colour-wise, material-wise, and to the smallest detail. 

The brand LASA HOME DESIGN has set its goal to present a timeless way of living, not a garish one, but a comfortable and cosy one that uses pleasant authentic materials. It is a Scandinavia-inspired style, which is recognized for its clarity in design, refined and detailed beauty and functionality sometimes forgotten by designers.  And in paradox, the Northern style does not have anything in common with cold sharp feeling. On the contrary, it is calming, cosy, comfortable and warm.