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Design in daily use

Lasa Home Design

Under the brand Lasa Home Design we create useful design supplements for your household. Our products are designed in Slovakia, made of Slovak wood and manually produced by Slovak crafstmen. Our assortment includes a wooden cutting/serving board with a toothpick/small fork holder and a candle holder. They are matching, it can be used a set. The board can be branded in case you wish to use it in your restaurant. Wooden board has a decoration resembling a snowflake, however it is one of typickal Slovak embroidery motives. The toothpick holder as well as candle holder can be used and ordered separately. We can also give it a different colour as it is hand made, thus it can be taylor-made to match your interiour colour. Have a look at the slide bar below to see the different possibiliets of usage. You can contact us via e-mail (scroll down to the bottom of the page) or contact form (click Contact).