Project 1

Unique Finish Wooden House

House on the hill

Project title: Private wooden house with a stunning view
Project stage: delivered to the client, January 2016
Location: Tekov region, West Slovakia

This chalet is located on generous land on a hill, neighbouring a forest. The steep terrain had required changing the original project. We had to build a base deck for the actual building. This way more room was created underground, making the building more spacious, interesting and attractive. The underground level now serves for multiple purposes, the main one being relaxation. It includes stainless steel swimming pool, infra and Finish saunas, bathroom and a small fitness.

The chalet, made of polar pine, meets all the terms of healthy living. It fits mainly into mountainous areas, with its design and the materials used, as well as its amazing thermal insulation, which you will come to admire in the winter. 

The living space consists of 120m2 of  interior and 80m2 of adjacent terrace protected from the weather by a roof and outdoor curtains. The terrace is accessible from the kitchen (where it can serve as an outdoor dining room, with its grill and outdoor dining table), living room and bedroom (this is the second part of the terrace – here you can sit in comfortable armchairs and enjoy the main view of hills and forests).  

The kitchen and dining room are merged together to form a generous, open space. Thanks to the amazing acoustic of a chalet, we were able to place a grand black piano there. From two sides the room has giant windows instead of walls, directly leading onto a terrace. 

The glass windows, high wooden ceiling, direct view of the terrace and surrounding forests, minimalistic railing – all this multiplies the size of the interior. 

A wide corridor, which begins directly in the common room, leads to the private part, in which the bathroom and bedroom are placed. The bedroom, thanks to the high ceiling, has a large air capacity, resulting in an improved sleep quality. There is no need for a headboard on the bed, as the wooden wall plays the role perfectly well. Opposite of the bedroom is a bathroom, which, just as the rest of the house, has wood all over (floors, walls and ceiling alike), which gives it a sauna-like feeling.

Project 2

By the Lake

Land for 2 chalets

Project name: Private chalet with a view on the lake

Stage of project: Land for 2 chalets ready for building

Location: Central Slovakia


The recreation area in Central Slovakia consists of holiday cottages/chalets viewing the lake. Such a view will also have a new two-storey chalet situated on the outskirts of the area. Though the estate is quite small, the chalet´s living space can be up to 170 m2. There will be a Finnish sauna in the basement, with a direct entry from the terrace. The nearby lake, only few steps from the chalet, is ideal for swimming in the summer or ice-skating in the winter. There is a cycling path around the lake  ideal for jogging, cycling or roller-blading. Skiing slope is only few miles away, suitable for a daily trip. New chalet will be an ideal refuge for those who seek either a safe and private place to relax or an active environment suitable for many sport activities. 


Project 3

Design in daily use

Lasa Home Design

Under the brand Lasa Home Design we create useful design supplements for your household. Our products are designed in Slovakia, made of Slovak wood and manually produced by Slovak crafstmen. Our assortment includes a wooden cutting/serving board with a toothpick/small fork holder and a candle holder. They are matching, it can be used a set. The board can be branded in case you wish to use it in your restaurant. Wooden board has a decoration resembling a snowflake, however it is one of typickal Slovak embroidery motives. The toothpick holder as well as candle holder can be used and ordered separately. We can also give it a different colour as it is hand made, thus it can be taylor-made to match your interiour colour. Have a look at the slide bar below to see the different possibiliets of usage. You can contact us via e-mail (scroll down to the bottom of the page) or contact form (click Contact). We will send you all information you need including prices and agree on the way of delivery. Price per each piece is 9,-eur. Set is 18,-eur (board and holder).